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Terms and Conditions of distributing products

Read and Click to accept the terms and conditions set in below.
  1. I declare that I am authorized to act on behalf of my company and bind my company to the terms of this agreement.
  2. That all information I have submitted is true and any changes will be communicated to Malaika Inc.
  3. I hereby appoint Malaika Inc registered in the State of Delaware USA operating the shop African books as an official non exclusive global distributor for electronic books and audio books published, produced or supplied by my company
  4. That by registering on this site we will have vendor access to the e commerce site where we take fully responsibility of uploading e-books and audio books, product and business information and other such information as may wish be required.
  5. That we indemnify African Books from any damage or liability that may arise including copyright infringement from the e books or audio books we upload and that we confirm we have the legal reproduction rights or reseller rights to the products and information
  6. That we understand that African books may decline to list or remove any of our e books, audio books or make public any information that may be deemed unfit or illegal for Africa books.
  7. We understand and accept that the shop charges a service commission of 25% of the retail price submitted by us and that the rate may change and such change will be communicated to you 30 days in advance
  8. We understand that our sales after deduction of the commission charged by the shop will be paid once a month at the beginning of each month (within the first 10 days of the subsequent month) provided that the amounts exceeds $100 and if doesn’t exceed $100 the amount will be carried forward.
  9. We understand that in addition to the service charge the shop will charge a downloading fee to apply the cost and administration of a Digital Rights Management system (DRM) to protect the e-books and audio books from illegal redistribution. The fee will be communicated at the time of uploading our e-books and audio books and setting prices and in case of any change this will be communicated 30 days in advance of the impending changes
  10. That we agree to provide 30 days notice in case we intend to remove any e books/audio books from being available in the shop.
  11. We understand and accept that all books available on this site are subject to consumer reviews